Monday, October 17, 2011

Reading Quiz 8 and Class Activity: Twitter Into Keywords


Go to your Twitter homepage. Read some of your classmates Tweets about the past weekend's reading for a couple minutes. Select one that interests you, and locate the passage in the text A Red Record (from Southern Horrors). First, paraphrase the passage in question. Next, create a "keyword" that fits the the passage. Define the keyword, and then use the keyword to explain something else from the reading (open book).

For examples of keywords, refer to the class activity this past Thursday.


Keywords are important words or phrases. They can appear in the text or they can be terms that you create to describe something important in the text.  To be a keyword, the important word or phrase must be defined in two ways. It must defined first for how it makes meaning in the specific passage from the text, but also it must be defined as a "big idea" that we can transfer to other passages and other texts. As a "big idea," the keyword becomes very valuable becomes it helps us define more than one thing (more than one situation, more than one event, more than one text, more than one conflict, more than one issue).

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