Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Comparison and Contrast: White Supremacist Violence Before and After Slavery


Read the passage below. Summarize the events. Establish the purpose and function of the violence directed against Mary Reynolds. Explain Mary Reynold's response.  

Passage from When I Was a Slave:

"Seems like after I got bigger, I remember more and more niggers run away. They's most always catched. Master used to hire out his niggers for wage hands. One time he hired me and a nigger boy, Turner, to work for some ornery white trash name of Kidd. One day Turner goes off and don't come back. Old man Kidd say I knowed about it, and he tied my wrists together and stripped me. He hanged me by the wrists from a limb on a tree and spraddled my legs round the trunk and tied my feet together. Then he beat me. He beat me worser than I ever been beat before, and I faints dead away. When I come to I'm in bed. I didn't care so much if I died" (109). -Mary Reynolds

Next, locate a passage from "Lynch Law in All its Phases" or "A Red Record" that describes violence against an African-American. Summarize it. Establish the purpose and the function of the violence.

In one paragraph, compare and contrast the role, purpose, and effect of violence against African-Americans before and after the Civil War. What's different? What's the same? Answer these questions in your paragraph.

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