Monday, October 17, 2011

Essay One Comments: Letter to Professor

After today's class activity, students can check their emails and read their first essay comments. Please observe the following rules as you read the comments:

- keep comments, conversation, and reactions to an absolute minimum. Students should refrain from sharing grades or comments while they're in class. I strongly discourage students from sharing grades and comments, unless it for a specific purpose. Otherwise, it is always borderline unprofessional to do so.

When you have completed reading your Grading Grid and comments, please respond to the following questions either on notebook paper or by email:

1. Do you understand the comments? If not, what don't you understand?

2. Do you plan to revise the essay for a higher grade? What will your revision prioritize? If you do plan to revise, be aware that the deadline is Dec 1st.

3. What have you learned from this Grading Grid and comments that you can use for your second essay?

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