Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog Three: Lynch Law in All Its Phases


For their third blog, students will turn to Southern Horrors and their notes on "Lynch Law in All Its Phases." Keeping in mind that the blog will be read by an outside audience, students will introduce the text and summarize the main ideas from it (context). They will then focus on a specific passage that they believe is especially important (quotation and citation). They will finish as they would in a typical paragraph: after they have remembered to set the immediate context for their readers around the specific passage), they will correctly quote and cite the key passage, paraphrase it, and then explain the meaning of the passage using a combination of critical thinking strategies.

Directions: Students should remember to GIVE DIRECTIONS to their reader, as well as USE their critical thinking strategies in the critical thinking section.

Twitter: Students should consider Tweeting by pressing the "T" button at the bottom of their blog (near the +1 symbol).

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