Monday, October 3, 2011

Issues from the Letters

1. Problems with computers at home (arrive early on campus, use campus computers).
2. Amount of space to Tweet: just put page number, paraphase idea or create keyword, give quick reaction (one or two words)
3. Some of you are still uncertain about citation.

"The writing process for my essay started as I was doing the reading. I would
take down notes on the most important things that I felt might be useful for
my essay. My reason for starting it like this was because I wanted to make
sure that I was using good detail and that my reader would be sure to know
what it was that I was trying to prove. With staring it like this I was able
to come up with my idea of what was the most important emotional knowledge
that I felt that was communicated best by slaves.  Over the past three weeks
I was able to see what notes, ideas, facts and details I felt was important
to include in my essay. I did the workshop for my essay in peer review and I
felt that this was very helpful because after reading my work to my peers I
got really got criticism on what was good in my essay and what might help to
improve it and make it better.  After the peer review I used all my peers’
suggestions because I felt that they were all good and it would help improve
my essay. I have my essay but did not turn it in today because after the
mini lesson I have a better understanding of how to make my body paragraphs
more affective and understandable to my readers. So I will turn it in on
Thursday because I want to make sure that the essay is well written and
written in the right format."

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