Monday, October 31, 2011

Last-Minute Peer Review, Midterm Review, Blog workshop

Ten Seconds to Deadline Peer Review

To begin class, all students will workshop their essays with a partner. They will use the grading grid for the second essay assignment. Any essays that do not receive an "A" must be revised and turned in Thursday. All essays that receive an "A" may be turned in today for a grade. An "A" is an essay that receives an average score of 9 on all criteria.

Midterm Review

After the Last-Minute Peer Review, students will combine into groups of four in order to review for the midterm exam. Students should be able to account for:

- review notes for the major slave memoirs from When I Was a Slave
- review notes for the major themes from Southern Horrors

Midterm Structure

Students will read the directions. The directions will describe writing a 600-word essay. Students will select one question to answer from three choices. They will answer in the form of a thesis statement, and use course texts to defend that thesis statement. More points will be awarded depending on how many examples the students incorporate. No excellent grades will be awarded to essays that fail to meet the minimum word requirement.

Blog Workshop

Students that desire to post a blog late for some credit can use this time to complete blog four. Students that have not had the opportunity to revise previous blogs based on reader comments can do so. Some students have not left comments for the Ethics of Food class. To receive full credit, those students should do so. For students that are satisfied with their blogs and left the correct comments, they can provide comments on a peer blog with instruction from the professor.

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