Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blog Comment: Human Rights Meet Ethics of Food!


The link below the student's name will connect him or her with the blog he or she will review. Students will be able to recognize the third blog assignment by looking for blogs about the text The End of Overeating by David Kessler. If they cannot find the third blog assignment, students should direct themselves to the second blog assignment. Some students will leave comments on the same blog; don't worry about it.

In addition to commenting upon how the essay is written (directions, context, paragraph structure, keywords, quotation and citation, and critical thinking), please leave a couple sentences for the student about what is interesting about the blog ("This blog is interesting because...").

Names and Links

Theresa - Glenn's Blog

Dani - Christina's Blog

Rashid - Krysatlee's Blog

Ana - Christopher's Blog

Elyce - Kadeshia's Blog

Rajiv - Liz's Blog

Moreen - Javed's Blog

Juana - Lily's Blog

Adnan - Camille's Blog

Cesia - Jessica's Blog [you will have to enter your email to leave a comment; do it, it's safe]

Kathy - Jennifer's Blog

Moshe - Danny B.'s Blog

Rudy - Evelyn's Blog

Joseph - Amanda's Blog

Mohammad - Jana's Blog

Melina - Danny K.'s Blog

Donte - Gregory's Blog

Arensio - Glenn's Blog

Michelle - Carol's Blog

Matthew - Dionne's Blog

Brian - Christina's Blog

Lauren - Krystalee's Blog

Joel - Christopher's Blog

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