Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Class Activity: Finding/Creating Keywords and Critical Thinking

In selected pairs, students will accomplish both of the following steps:

1. DEFINE or CREATE KEYWORD: Students will either define a keyword given to them by the professor, or create one based on a key passage from the reading. In their definitions, students should a) write down the keyword; b) write down it's immediate definition(s) in the text; c) paraphrase it; d) be able to teach the term to another student using the passage from the text as an example.

2. CRITICAL THINKING: NEXT, the pair of students will each share one of their Tweets about a passage with one another. Using their notes on critical thinking from a previous class, the students will practice critical thinking strategies to interpret the meaning of the passage. Students without a Tweet can use a passage from the keyword exercise to practice their critical thinking.

By the end of the activity, each student will have: a) at least one keyword, and b) at least two passages that reflect brainstorms about critical thinking.

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