Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Research Activity: Creating a Bibliography


A bibliography is an alphabetized list of sources that you place at the end of essays that cite sources. It generally goes on a separate sheet of paper, though in my courses I allow students to place the list of sources on the last page beneath the final paragraph.

So far in this course have only cited books. For our third assignment, your research will require you to cite many different kinds of sources, including videos, articles, and websites. For instructions how to cite these sources within your essay, see pages 426-435 in the HACKER. For instructions on how to list these sources in your bibliography, see pages 435-469 in the HACKER.

Google "MLA Works Cited"

For those without HACKER, google that phrase (HERE).

Research Activity

In class Monday students found at least one source that they could use in their essays. For this activity, students will work on a NING blog. They will introduce their source to the class and explain why they chose it. They will then correctly enter a bibliographical citation for their source as it would appear in a works cited page at the end of their essay.

If students finish this task, they can select a quote from their source and practice successfully integrating it into a sentence and citing it.

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