Monday, November 28, 2011

In-Class Workshop: Revising, Drafting Essays 1-3

Revising: for students who have not completed essays one and two with grades of 60 or higher. 

All students must turn in essays with grades of 60 or higher to pass this course. For students seeking to revise essays one or two by choice or by demand, the deadline of Dec. 1 still operates. These students should use the first hour of class today to discuss on-going or planned revisions with the professor.

Drafting ENG 103: for students who have completed essays one and two, turn to the ENG 103 research supplement. 

Students that have completed essays one and two should turn their focus to the ENG 103 research supplement revision of either their first or second essays. First, students should decide what essay to revise. Then, they should begin the process of locating sources to add to the essay. Next, they should plan out two additional claims to craft into new paragraphs for the essay. They should locate passages from the text and then add them to the essay. They should incorporate critical thinking. Afterward, they should revise their conclusions to the essay. Finally, they should revise the rest of the essay by focusing on two key areas: the thesis statement, and the critical thinking sections of earlier paragraphs. Students should also revise any outstanding issues with the essay (citations, paraphrase, context). These essays will be graded as a whole.

Planning: Discussing Essay Three

Students will discuss the reading from the past weekend and how it may help essays.

Tomorrow: Bibliographies...and more drafting!

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