Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blogging the Third Essay Writing Workshop

What does it sound like to begin this essay?

Here is an updated version of a template to use in your own words:

This essay is about non-violent theory and practice. The main elements of Dr. King's non-violent theory are_______[1]  [2] [3] [etc]_____[keywords]__________________________________.  Define keywords. In practice, these elements of non-violent theory worked at different moments in Dr. King's civil rights struggle. They worked because ____________________[Invent your keywords? Define them.] Give an introduction (context) to your reader (they haven't read the essays, perhaps you could briefly introduce here the ones you're working from. We can see this in Birmingham, for example, when _____________. We can see this in the Montgomery Bus Boycott when _________________, or in the Poor People's Campaign, when ____________________.

Consider matching up an element of non-violent theory with an event where we can 'see it' in action. Then, in your critical thinking for those paragraphs, consider introducing your own keywords.

How Much Research is Necessary? How much context for the events do students need?

Students should be able to answer the following questions for the context of Montgomery, Birmingham, and the Poor People's Campaign (and, if you choose, Selma):

When did the event take place?
Who was involved?
What happened?
What element of non-violence can we see 'in action' there?
What was Dr. King's involvement, if any?

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