Monday, November 14, 2011

Essay Three Workshop: Research!


For today's class, students will find research materials for their third essays using the LAGCC library website, the internet, and other search engines. Students should bring the information about their sources to class Wednesday so that we can model our bibliographies using the HACKER textbook.

Academic Sources

Academic sources are sources that cite other sources. They contain bibliographies.

Tracking and Archiving Sources

Write down ALL information you find about your source so that we can make bibliographies and figure out in-text citations for Wednesday.


Students should email the professor at to get their midterm grade. Subject: Midterm. Message: student's name.


While students work on research, the professor is going to send them invites to join the class "NING" website. We will then see if it's any good together, as a class, for the rest of the semester (yes, we will still mostly use Twitter and Blogger). 

Become friends with me on NING by clicking HERE.

Mini-Draft-Workshop Conversation Points

1. Explain to your partner the status of your draft: how much do you have written? In what form? Do you have a working thesis statement? What is it? How much more research do you need to do?

2. Your parnter and you will create a working plan for how you're going to acheive a Peer Review draft for next Monday. What needs to happen?

3. What are some of the keywords you're working with right now? What would you like to develop some keywords about?

4. Is there anything about the assignment that you don't understand?

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