Thursday, November 17, 2011

Critical Thinking Notes on King Essays

Critical thinknig

Agape - P 88

Agape and non-violence are not the same. Agape is used in non-violence in order to make it successful.

Faith/moral dilemma – p89

King critiques the ministers because of their Christian hypocrisy. Like the ministers, he also fears that it is the silent people who are a larger threat to the movement than the KKK. We can return to King’s ideas of “maladjustment,” since the silent ones are either too scared or too ‘adjusted’ to take charge of an issue for themselves. It could be related to what psychologists call “diffusion of responsibility,” where people assume that a conflict is the responsibility of someone else, not them.

Burning truth – 94

Lost the fear: Birmingham.

When they’re not afraid anymore, there’s nothing the police can do to stop them.

The police use of weapons is meant to inspire fear in bodies that are not afraid of the police.

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