Monday, September 19, 2011

Blogging the In-Class Assignment

A couple big things and a couple little things:

1. The paragraph you're writing now should, in the end, resemble the basic structure of body paragraph essays. This means that it should begin with a topic sentence. After the topic sentence, you can then move into the context.

2. The topic sentence will shift around depending on what it is you say. The topic sentence should always refer back to your thesis statement, and yet also tell your reader what about the paragraph it's beginning.

3. You should consider changing your thesis if you find yourself writing about something new that interests you. A complicated thesis statement is a positive thing: after all, it shows you're able to think in complex ways.

Little things:

1. The titles of books are always italicized, like this: The Title of the Book.

2. You don't have to refer to page numbers in the sentence, like, "I found this on page 3," or, "On page 10 the author says." Just refer to the page number in the citation.

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